Why Wiring Size Matters in RV Solar Installations

Wiring size is an important factor for no power loss. 

Using improper wire sizes can create power loss in any 12 volt system. Many of our customers purchase solar kits that they install themselves or have someone in their area install for them.  The kits we sell already come with the correct size and type of wire to make the kit function at an optimum level.  Some kits we sell can be expanded - the wire size and charge controller for the smaller kits is the same as in the larger kits.  This allows for easy expansion by simply adding another solar panel.

Some RVs come pre-wired for solar from the dealer.  Please be cautious of the wiring used.  In some cases it is a smaller size that what is needed for your solar kit to function properly.  Ensure the wire size is the same as what comes with your solar kit.  If not, and you are going to be running wire, make sure to keep your solar wires away from the back side or stereo wires because they may cause interference.

When installing your solar kit, there will be some connections that need to be crimped.  Please be careful in doing these crimp connections.  All crimp connections should be snug and not over tight because this can cause wire breakage and poor connection.  This is one of the biggest reasons for poor performance.

If you have any questions about what wire size you should use when installing your solar kit, please give us a call at 970-882-8046.


The above photo is a Zamp Solar 3 Port Roof Cap which allows up to 3 solar panels to be connected easily. It is equipped with 3 female solar plug connections. All Zamp Deluxe Solar Panels are equipped with a male solar plug. Simply plug each solar plug from the solar panel into the 3 port cap for a fast, secure and easy connection. The Zamp Solar 3 Port Roof Cap is UV rated and equipped with an auto reset breaker built in to protect the panels and wiring. Each Kit comes with 25 ft of 8 gauge UV wire complete with eye connectors.

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