Replacement Wiring Harness for Zamp Portable Solar Kits

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This wiring harness is an OEM replacement part for all Zamp Portable Solar Kits (Part #s ZS-US-40S-P, ZS-US-80P, ZS-US-120P, ZS-US-160P and ZS-US-200P). Also replaces wiring harness on all previous models of Zamp Portable Solar Kits.

A fuse is required for this wiring harness (size varies depending on the Portable Solar Kit size).  We include all three fuse sizes - you will need to install the correct one that matches your portable unit size:

10 amp Fuse - for 40 and 80 Watt Portables (ZS-US-40S-P and ZS-US-80P and previous models)

15 amp fuse for 120 and 160 Portable (ZS-US-120P and ZS-US-160P and previous models) 

20 amp fuse for 200 Watt Portable (ZS-US-200P and previous models) 

To replace the damaged wiring harness - with the solar unit out of the sun, remove the two screws from the charge controller (located on the back of the unit) and also remove the wire clamp, pull the charge controller forward away from the panel, disconnect the damaged wiring harness from the charge controller - one lead is marked red (positive) and the other is marked black (negative).  The bottom of the charge controller is also marked "battery - positive and negative".  The new wiring harness is also marked "red" and "black" as is old one that is being replaced.  After installing the new wire, re-secure the charge controller and wire clamp. That's it!