Zamp Dual Power Distribution Port

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Our Zamp Power Distribution Ports are designed for 12 Volt systems featuring a simple positive and negative blade type connection Dual Power Distribution Port with two USB plugs, one 5 Volt @ 1 Amp and one 5 Volt @ 2.1 Amp, and one DC 12 Volt socket connection. Installing these ports is as easy as using a positive and negative connection from a 12 Volt power source. Panel mounting is useful for integrating power ports into your control panels, dashes, walls and cabinets. This allows the ports to sit fairly flush and out of the way but also easy to access, creating a sleek configuration for the multitude of useful power ports.

The distribution panels, distribution housings and individual power output ports are made of UV rated and reinforced nylon. Each output port has it’s own, specific, rubber splash proof cover and a lockable nylon nut to secure the port to the housing.