Zamp CPAP Power Kit

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Zamp Solar developed a special kit to be used with CPAP machines, a treatment for a common sleep disorder, sleep apnea. A CPAP machine is required to run through the night while being powered by 120 Volt outlet. Install the Zamp Solar CPAP Power supply in your RV and enjoy camping.

Our CPAP Power Kit provides everything you need to install the power required to operate the CPAP machine and additional electronics. 

Each CPAP Kit comes with a 600 Watt Pure Sine-Wave Inverter. CPAP machines require a clean energy input. Pure Sine-Wave is a type of clean energy output, very similar to the energy output found in a house. By supplying a CPAP machine with it’s own inverter the risk of popping a breaker or shorting out the system by using other devices is eliminated. That’s why this unit is also safe for cell phones, computers and other sensitive equipment like LED TVs. Each CPAP kit comes with all the wires, fuses, fuse holders and butt splice connectors needed.

We understand that each installation is different. That’s why, in each kit, we give the maximum amount of wire at the proper size. This allows the installation to be done on several types of configurations from travel trailers, Class A to C motor homes, Air Stream trailers, R-Pod, even Semi Trucks, personal vehicles and Tiny Homes with 12 Volt off grid solar systems.  The CPAP Power Kit is a perfect companion for one of our RV Solar Kits!

CPAP User Video