Solar Charge Controllers


Solar Charge Controllers are the heartbeat of your RV/off grid solar charging system. They are designed to control the flow of power from your panel(s) to your batteries without overcharging. All of our Charge Controllers are PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) equipped.

What is PWM?

PWM is a technology that provides the battery with the best possible charge by tapering the charge, monitoring the battery and maintaining a 90 to 95% charge. Many older or cheap voltage controllers, battery chargers and solar charge controllers have a system that is all on or all off. Many of those will bring your battery to full charge and then wait until the battery is around 85% before it will allow a charge again. A PWM Solar Charge Controller does this on/off cycle many times a second and takes notes of where the battery is to optimize the voltage charge of the battery. Most economical choice for 12 volt solar arrays.


To utilize the full potential of an MPPT controller, the array voltage should be substantially higher than the battery voltage (24 volts or higher). The MPPT controller is the solution of choice for higher power systems (because of the lowest overall system cost due to smaller cable cross sectional areas). The MPPT controller will also harvest substantially more power when the solar cell temperature is low (below 45°C), or very high (above 75°C), or when irradiance is very low.

Victron Charge Controller Info Sheet