Solar Ready RV Solar Kits for Zamp Solar Pre-Wired RVs

Solar Ready RV Solar Kits are designed to use with Solar Ready RV’s that have Zamp Solar Ports pre-installed and ready to take advantage of solar power to charge and maintain RV batteries. Made in the USA!


If you see a sticker that says the RV or Camper is ‘Solar Ready’ then that RV has Zamp Solar port(s) and wiring pre-installed.  There are two main ports that are being installed on RV’s – a single Zamp Solar Port and a Zamp Solar 3 Port Roof Cap.  If either of these have been installed, you can take advantage of our Solar Ready RV Solar Kits that have the required equipment to complete your solar system and start powering your RV with solar.

This is a Zamp Solar Pre-Wired 3 Port Solar Roof Cap. Certain RV’s come with this roof port pre-installed and have the ability to accept up to 480 Watts of Zamp Solar POWER!

Zamp 3 Port Roof Cap

Solar Ready RV’s with a 3 Port Solar Roof Cap have the hardest part of the installation done – running the main wire through the cabin and to the battery. The only installation left is to mount and wire the solar panels, mount and wire the solar charge controller and connect to the battery.

This is a Zamp Solar Sidewall/Roof Solar Port. 

Zamp Sidewall/Roof Port

Some RV’s are pre-wired with a single sidewall/roof port that allows the connection of one Zamp Solar panel or Zamp Solar Portable Solar System. When this port is installed the hardest part of the wiring has been done. The installation of the panels and the solar charge controller require minimal wiring. It’s important to note that if you plan to add more solar panels in the future, the solar charge controller must be able to handle the load of the panels. If it’s likely that more panels will be installed, a 30 Amp solar charge controller should be used.

If you have a single Roof/Sidewall Solar Port located on the roof of your RV then you have the option to use any of our Solar Ready RV Solar kits. However, if you have a solar port on the side of your RV, your RV has been pre-wired for a Zamp Solar Portable Solar System.