115 Watt Solar Ready RV Solar Kit 15 Amp for Zamp Solar Pre-Wired RVs

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115 Watt Solar Ready RV Solar Kit 15 Amp – Good Place to Start

This 115 Watt 15 Amp Solar Ready Kit is for those smaller campers that come factory ready with a single Zamp roof port pre-installed. Since the camper is pre-wired for solar, the installation is easy. The hardest part is already done for you.  This kit gives you the rest of the components needed to get you powered up including Zamp USA Made 115 Watt monocrystalline solar panel and 15 amp charge controller. Add an additional 115 Watt solar panel in the future for more power using the Zamp Parallel Solar Panel Y Connector.

Solar Ready RV Kits are for RVs that come factory wired with either a Zamp solar port, dual or 3 port solar roof cap mounted on the roof. Single Zamp Solar ports can accept up to 230 watts of solar and a Zamp Solar 3 port roof cap can accept three separate panels or up to 510 watts of solar power.

This upgraded 115 Watt Solar Ready Kit is a great place to start if you’re unsure of the amount of solar power you’ll need to recharge the batteries from daily use. We've put together the 115 Watt Solar Ready RV Solar Kit 15 Amp SRRV-115-10A using all Zamp Solar components. This solar ready kit is expandable up to 230 Watts. It's ideal for one battery systems (group 24/27) but if you add another battery in the future, you can also add a second 115 Watt panel to this system.

The NEW upgraded Zamp 115 Watt Class A USA made solar panel delivers 6.4 amps per hour in optimal conditions. That is enough power to recharge the battery from typical daily use when used in a sunny location but might not be completely sufficient for camping in shaded areas or low light levels. This kit includes a 15 amp 5-stage PWM flush or surface mounted solar charge controller. Digital display shows battery voltage and the LED indicator lights indicate operational status | Solar Power from Panel(s), Charging Batteries or Charged Batteries.

115 Watt Solar Ready RV Solar Kit 15 Amp Contents SRRV-115-10A:

  • USA Made Zamp Solar Class A Monocrystalline High Efficiency, Highest Quality Solar Panel
    • 39.6 x 26.5 x 1.5
    • 17.15 lbs
    • 6.4 amps per hour under optimal light
    • 115 watt power output
    • 25 year output warranty
  • 15 Amp Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Panel Mounting Feet with Hardware to Connect Panel to Feet
  • 10' Solar Panel Wire Connected to Panel
  • 30 Amp Fuse

Looking for a complete solar kit that includes all wiring and 3 Port Roof Cap? Take a look at the Zamp Solar Deluxe Solar Kits for options.

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