Van Conversion Solar Kit 180 Watt with Long Narrow Panels

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Complete Van Conversion Solar Kit 180 Watt with Zamp Long & Narrow Solar Panels, Magnum Power Inverter & Battle Born Lithium Batteries

This medium sized van conversion solar setup is perfect for the DIYer that has some intermediate level skills. We include instructions with every van solar kit, wiring diagram and labels to mark your cables and wires when complete, plus phone support if you need it. 

Our complete Van Conversion Solar Kit 180 Watt with long & narrow panels is designed for camper vans with limited roof space that require a long and narrow panel size. This complete camper van kit includes the best products on the market including Zamp Solar L Series (long and narrow) solar panels, Magnum Energy Pure Sine Wave 2000 Watt Power Inverter/Charger, Victron Smart Solar MPPT Charge Controller and two 100 Ah Battle Born Lithium Batteries along with all the cabling and wiring needed to successfully install this kit.  

This solar system for van conversions is expandable - add a 140 portable solar panel if you're looking for more power but can't fit anymore panels on the roof. A Zamp Sidewal Port is included to be used with a Zamp Solar 140 Portable Unregulated (additional purchase) for more power if needed.

The charge controller included in this kit is a 35 amp MPPT controller which can take up to 510 watts. The included two 90 watt solar panels on the roof equal 180 watts. Adding a 140 watt non-regulated portable solar panel will give you a total of 320 watts of solar charging power (when adding a portable solar panel to the solar system the Zamp Sidewall Port will need to be wired into the solar input side of the charge controller where the roof solar connects).  And you can still add two 90 watt panels if you need them.  

Note: If you prefer to use a Zamp Portable Solar Panel that IS regulated the Sidewall Port for the Portable Solar Panel would need to be connected with the positive lead directly to the battery and the negative lead connected to the load side of the shunt.


Van Conversion Solar Installation - Inside

Van Conversion Solar Kit 180 Watt Contents: