Zamp Solar Panel Expansion Kits

Add Another Solar Panel for More Power From Our Selection of Zamp Solar Panel Expansion Kits


Zamp Solar Panel Expansion Kits work with our Zamp Deluxe Solar Kits and L Series Deluxe Kits made for Airstream. These RV Solar Panels are Grade A monocrystalline and Made in the USA, allowing you to expand the capability and wattage of all of our RV Solar Kits. Choose from 90 (long), 115 and 170 Watt solar panels. All RV Solar Panels come with solar panel, mounting feet and wire for connection.

Why would you need a Zamp Solar Panel Expansion Kit?

The Zamp Solar Panel Expansion Kits allow you to expand on a current solar system where more power is needed or to combine various panel sizes to get the perfect fit for your roof if there is limited space.  For instance, if you currently have a 100 Watt solar panel on your roof and need more power but only have a long and narrow space left for a panel, you can add one of our Zamp L Series panels which is made for long and narrow spaces like on an Airstream trailer which will give you 90 Watts more of solar power to your batteries.  

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