Zamp Portable Solar Kits

Set up is less than 5 minutes!


Zamp Solar Portable Solar Kits are great for many uses including solar battery charging for small to large RVs, trailers and boats. No mounting is required, simply fold out and hook to your batteries. Zamp Portable Solar Kits are also great for those inconveniences like a dead truck or car battery.  Just connect the Portable Solar Kit to the vehicle for a short time to charge the battery and you’re back on the road!  You can also add a Zamp Solar Portable to an existing solar system for additional power when needed.

The Zamp Portable Solar Panel’s folding design and carrying case makes it a great choice to take camping, boating or to use for back-up power to charge and maintain batteries safely. We offer 5 different Portable RV Solar Panel Kits to fit your needs from 45 Watts (2.5 amps) up to 230 Watts (12.8 amps). Zamp Portable Solar Kits come complete with quick connect and battery clips to make connecting simple for campers, boats, vehicles or anything that has a 12 volt battery.  The included Digital Deluxe Waterproof Solar Charge Controller with LED lights indicates charge status and battery condition.  The LCD screen indicates battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity, battery types and fully charged status.

For helpful tips on setting up a Zamp Portable Solar System for the first time watch our video Setting Up a Zamp Portable Solar Kit.

What size is right for you?

 Click here for Zamp Solar Sizing Chart

Zamp Portable Solar Kits Key Features:

  • Two Class A High Efficiency, Highest Quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels (one on the 45 watt) with:
    • Compressed Aluminium Frame
    • Tempered glass (ability to withstand a golf ball sized hail stone at 60 mph)
    • Attached EZ-Slide Legs – no bolts or wing nuts
  • UV rated wiring harness with an estimated 15 year lifespan
  • Solid, sturdy, strong legs that fold out and stay out and fold in and stay in
  • EZ-View Solar Charge Controller Mount – No need to bend over to see the status of your solar charge controller
  • EZ-View solar charge controller mount is spring loaded to stay in place and easy to tilt and view
  • Sturdy, nylon carrying case with handle included

Portable Solar Kit Accessories:

Add a Zamp Portable Solar Quick Port for easy and quick connecting from a Zamp Portable Solar Kit to an RV, truck camper or teardrop trailer.

The Portable RV Solar Extension Wire is made of heavy duty 10 Gauge wire to give you the extra length you need to reach the sun when parked in the shade.