Complete Solar & Power Inverter Kits


Are you looking for an All In One option for a complete RV Solar Kit that comes with a Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter? Our top selling Zamp Deluxe RV Solar Kits now include options with various sized power inverters to make your choice easy.  The included inverters are from Magnum Energy and either have 110 outlets or are direct tie, depending on your needs. Included is the cable that connects the power inverter to the batteries and the appropriate size fuse and fuse holder for safety. For the kits with 2000 Watt Power Inverter with outlets, we also offer a plug and connect Transfer Switch that can be purchased separately and works very well with these inverters.

If you are looking for a different configuration that what you see here, we can customize a kit specific for you. If you need special wire lengths, please call us and we can customize to your needs.  Also, MPPT charge controllers are available to replace the PWM controller in these kits, call for more info.  970-245-8046