Customer Photos

Back Country Solar customer photos of their installations and products purchased:

Dual Zamp 160 Watt Portables Wired Together 

Fred sent a photo of his dual Zamp 160 Watt Portables using the Zamp Parallel Solar Y Connector.  He says they works great.


Jerry sent us photos from his recent install.  Here’s what he did: “I’ve attached some photos of my install on my Roadtrek 210. I mounted the roof cap to the rear and over the ac access panel with a loop of wire underneath so I can easily access the ac if necessary. This also provides access to the inside of coach thru the same electrical area as ac. It puts the wire right into a cabinet which brings me to the closet directly over the house batteries. I mounted the charge controller in the cabinet. I didn’t want to have more blinking lights visible yet this is easy to take a look.
Everything went well and the panel just fit!
Thanks for your help,


Michael from Canada shared a photo of his 120 Watt Zamp Portable Solar Kit in use.  Thanks Michael!


“I’ve had the solar kit out a few times now and it’s working great. It charges the batteries even quicker than I expected.” – Austin

Great photo from Austin using a Zamp 160 Watt Portable Solar Kit with his Airstream trailer.  Thanks Austin!


“We used the panel on our long distance trip and it worked great. Two to three hours each morning brought the battery back to full charge. The photo is at Rocky Mountain National Park.” – Scott

Thanks Scott for your awesome photo of your Zamp 160 Watt Portable Solar Kit in use.  Love it!


 Thanks Jack for sending us photos of your Airstream RV Solar Kit 320 Watt L Series after you completed the installation. Great job!