RV Solar Installation Tips

Installing a solar kit on an RV or boat is fairly straight forward. We have outlined the RV solar kit installation sequence for you.

The first step is to look over all the equipment and layout where the solar panels will be located to maximize sun exposure. Pick a location where the panels will not be shaded by other equipment on the roof such as from the AC unit or antennas.Once a location is chosen, mount the feet to your panels and place on the roof. Then determine where to run the wire from the panel(s) to the controller. The controller needs to be located in a dry location and close to the batteries but not next to them. A short distance from the controller to the battery will maximize charging ability.

Once you have found a location for the controller, running wire from the panel(s) to the controller is the next step. Most small RVs and Toy Haulers have a great access point from the refrigerator vent to the bottom of the RV. One or two holes may be necessary but make sure you look on both sides before making a hole. On large RVs and Coaches vent pipes also work well to get the wire from the panel(s) location to the controller. Be careful when connecting wires to the panels and controller. With the panels in the sun they are producing electricity. The boxes they come in work well to cover the panels and block them from the sun.

We supply fuses with our kits. A 30 Amp fuse holder is supplied for the panel wire to the controller. Put this fuse close to the controller. We also supply a fuse for the controller to the battery wire. Place this fuse at the battery. Don’t install any fuses until all connections are made and verify positive to positive and negative to negative. A simple volt meter s useful in checking this. If the connections are reversed the meter will read negative. If the connections are correct, it will read 12+ Volts.

Once you have mounted your panels make sure you have sealed the mounting feel and any other holes you made and zip tie all loose wires. Be sure to read and understand the controller operation manual before proceeding to the next step.

You are now ready to install the panel fuse at the controller, then the battery cable fuse at the battery. Next look at the LED display on the controller. You may need to set the battery type to your battery.

Installation Diagram for Zamp Deluxe RV Solar Kits

More Installation Diagrams

Installation Videos for More Info

lnstructions for installing a Zamp 100W Solar Panel Kit on a 2016 Winnebago View24G submitted by Carl Ricard


Last but not least, Go Camping and Have Fun!

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