What Our Customer Say.....

Joe installed this van solar kit in our 2017 Ram Promaster van in the Fall 2018. We have used it through a winter (low sunlight) and spring (lots of sunlight) seasons now and are extremely satisfied with every aspect of the system performance! Joe (and Julie!) is great to work with and is an clearly expert in all aspects of the equipment. His installation looks great, is space efficient and the power center is easily accessible for making adjustments and checking in on all the components. We are amazed at how efficient and reliable the system is and how quickly the batteries recharge, even in low winter light conditions. Our normal power usage is all 12V including lights, fridge, heater fan, water pump and chargers, but also 2 or 3 times each day we use 110V power for a water boiler and induction cook top with no problems at all. Joe sold us on the benefits of the Li batteries and are we so thankful he did! Prior to the solar kit installation, we placed a wire beneath the van floor to connect the batteries to the alternator for an additional mode of recharge, but now we see no need to connect it because the solar panels are so efficient for recharge. When we have the opportunity, we plug in to use shore power which also works great. Overall, we have found Joe's solar kit to be an excellent product and would highly recommend it as part of a van conversion. Jeff & Peggy, Moab, UT 6/7/19

Thanks Joe. I could have purchased these panels locally or on Amazon for that matter. I didn’t for these reasons:

1) Zamp in Bend promoted you as knowledgeable and customer service driven. As this is a DIY project, I wanted to be able to easily get the support I might need.
2) Your website is really nice. Comprehensive and easy to maneuver. 
3) The clincher for me, “Have questions? Call me at ———“
You just don’t see that much anymore. When I did call, you spent the time to answer my questions fully and give me added advice. You gave me a good deal on these panels and I know if I run into a problem, you are a phone call away.
I wish you great success and should the opportunity arise will definitely recommend Back Country Solar.  Tom R., Selah, WA 11/30/18
 Hi Joe and Julie,
Thank you for your note and your excellent customer service and equipment prices. I found you on the internet search and am very glad I called you - it was a real pleasure to talk to you both.  If I need anything else I will be sure to contact you and will highly recommend you to any others I come across that need RV solar. 
Warm regards,  Jeff and Sharon H., Rescue, CA  8/29/2018

 Joe & Julie-                                                                                                     
Thank you so much for reaching out. I received the solar panels this afternoon. I can only hope the solar panels performance can rival the service I’ve received from your company.  In the Amazon age, it’s encouraging to know there are still independent businesses competing with the big boys. Keep up the good work and you’ve definitely earned a long term customer. 
Regards,  Matthew M., Englewood, CO  8/22/18

 Dear Joe and Julie, 
I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased we are with our Zamp 160 watt Portable Solar Charging System.  You (Joe) were so patient and knowledgeable in helping me decide on the right system for my particular travel trailer. Especially because it has four six-volt wet cell batteries. I am so glad we purchased through Back Country Solar. The Portable RV Solar Extension Wire and the Zamp Portable Solar Quick Port are must-have items. The above charging system FAR EXCEEDED all my hopes and expectations. Boondocking with a solar charging system affords us the chance to camp in many fantastic locations not served by shore power (30 amp service). Thanks again for helping make our dreams come true. Jay B.,  Englewood, FL
 Joe - I received the panel and everything looks great! Thanks for your help and we look forward to using it.  I was surprised how fast the shipping was. Thanks again!  Richard, Eugene, OR
 Thanks so much! I have loved your site and navigating it has been easy and fantastic! Great work!   Dylan, Asheville, NC
 Didn’t spend a lot of money with Back Country Solar but Joe treated me like I had just purchased their most expensive items. In fact I think I spent less than $60. Joe looked at my batteries and they were connected wrong. He fixed them on the spot (no charge). Then he installed the small item I purchased, again at no charge. In addition he also helped with another item I had wrong with my travel trailer. When I do get ready to spend the big bucks I’m definitely going to Joe at Back Country Solar. Great products, great service, great people. Thanks Joe.  Larry, Shamrock, Texas
 Hi Joe and Julie,

I’ll take pictures and send a review after my first camping trip — waiting for better weather.  I was very happy with your quick service.  I know I will love the solar panels, I have a set of 120s but upgraded the trailer and needed something bigger. Thanks,  Janet, Tehachapi, CA

 The two reason I went with the 160 Watt Deluxe kit was for the simplicity of installation, due to the videos and instructions, and because of the expandability. I soon found that I lucked into a company that goes the extra mile to help me. I have called Joe to discuss battery options and get his opinion on voltage, testing and amp usage. He helped me out with a remote panel to monitor my controller and is very prompt returning emails.
I will be upgrading with another 160 watt panel in the spring and would not think of purchasing anyplace else. If you are to the point that you are reading reviews on rv solar systems, you need to stop here, do yourself a huge favor and purchase Zamp products from Back Country Solar and get the best for money. Brooke, Bedford, PA

 I live off the grid and had used a propane refrigerator, but it quit working.  So I contacted Joe at Back Country Solar. He ordered, delivered and heaved into place a really heavy Sun Frost high efficiency 12V DC refrigerator.  Then he installed solar panels, batteries and all the equipment to make things work…..and it is working great! Thanks Joe.  Gayla, Cortez, CO

Joe and Julie
Thanks for all your information ,pricing and service installing my 320 watt unit. What a difference solar is making keeping my 2 year old gr 24 batteries functioning. It’s early yet, but I find with full sun I can run a good number of items without drawing down the batteries and at night work the batteries and then charge up the next day while out riding or hiking. At some point I will need to pick up 2 new 6 volt batteries. Also I had a plug put in the side so I can plug in a portable panel when parking in the shade.

Thinking of solar, give Joe a call and he can give you some excellent advice on options, as there are a lot of components now available. Affordable Solar has finally arrived!  Rick and Lee, Durango, CO

 We have a whole house off-grid system that we bought from a company in Arizona. We started having problems with the system a year after installation, and after numerous times and many hours on the phone with the technician where we bought the system, nothing was resolved. Things went from bad to worse. When we saw Back Country Solar had opened, we stopped in to see if we could get some help. Joe was very knowledgable and had some ideas what might be wrong just from our description. He drove out to our place in the boonies to look at our system and was able to diagnose the problems, and give us an estimate for fixing the system. Two weeks later we had our system up and running PERFECTLY. We got great service and installation work and are very happy. All of our solar needs will now be met by Back Country Solar!

Mike & Shelly, Monticello, UT

 I was going to buy a hybrid solar system online for my camper van but just before I ordered it I stumbled across the website for Back Country Solar. It is close to where I live so I decided to make a visit before I purchased online. I’m very glad I did because he was able to offer me the hybrid system I was wanting but in a better brand- ZAMP AND do the installation for a little more then if I had purchased a system online and then struggle to do the install myself. Joe is very knowledgeable and fast- the installation looks good! I have had it for a month now and the solar is working good without any issues. I got a great system that I know has been installed correctly/meeting safety standards. I recommend Back Country Solar. Thanks Joe Installed a hybrid system- 160 watt fixed panel on the roof, an 80 watt portable panel (so I can park in the shade and have a panel in the sun), 30 watt inverter. With 2- 92 amp/hr gel batteries I can use a 700 watt hair dryer, a small toaster, use my computer to watch a movie, run the cabin heater, and various other small appliances without worries of running the batteries too low.  Debra, Cortez, CO
 Hi Joe, I just want to say thank you. I purchased your 200 watt solar system ($692) for my truck camper a couple of weeks ago, I was very excited to see how complete this kit was, was very pleased. It even came with the dicor self leveling silicone, which was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed installing my new solar system on my new truck camper. I had a 123 watt system on my old camper, it lasted for over 18 years to the time I sold it. (still working). I wish more people would check out solar instead of noisy generators. Don’t get me wrong, generators have a place and a time. I have a good friend who wants to put the same system on his trailer, I highly recommended your company to him. Before I purchase my system, I had the pleasure to talk to you, and you taught me a few valuable things I didn’t know. Again thank you for your time and help, can’t wait for my buddy to purchase his system.  David, Sparks, NV
 I would like to thank Back Country Solar for helping us with our purchase and installation of an RV solar kit.  I was able to watch and help with the installation which enabled me to learn more about the product and how it works.  The installation was clean and professional done.  All wires were hidden and tied up where needed.  I was highly impressed with the fuses that are put in to protect the solar kit and the RV.  We have all the power we need now when we camp.  We even parked in a shaded area one weekend and there was enough light coming through to keep my batteries charged for the weekend.  Thank you again!  Mickey and Paula, Durango, CO

 I talked to Joe a lot about various solar charging systems and how they work. He is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to helping his customers find solutions for their needs. This is a great company with quality people who really care about doing things the right way. Back Country is definitely one of the best solar companies in the business. Thanks for all the help guys!  Jesse, Bend, OR

 Joe at Back Country Solar was a big help in picking out the solar kit for my van. He was very knowledgeable and worked with me on putting a system together that was just right for my needs. All the miscellaneous fittings and hardware were included and he was very willing to give instructions on how to put everything together. In all it was a great experience getting a good system at a fair price. I’m happy to report that the system is up and running and is exactly what I was hoping for. (100 amp panel, 30 amp charge controller, 105 amp/hr AGM battery)  Andrew, Durango, CO
 We camped for a week with “no generator”. We had lights, music, phone chargers (I know that’s not true camping!) powered by solar panels on the roof of the camper. Propane was used to heat the water.  Elaine, Charlotte, NC
 Back Country Solar is reliable, friendly, honest, affordable, and all around amazing! Not only did they sell us a solar kit for our camper but did an exceptional job installing it as well. Super clean and professional installation. Very pleased with our purchase and looking forward to doing business with them again in the future. Thank you Back Country Solar!

I contacted Joe at Back-Country Solar and he was extremely helpful. He drove out to our place way up in the mountains, looked over my existing solar system for my cabins, and checked out my RV for solar. He gave me a price estimate and time frame for getting the work done and then did it all for less than the estimate and on the time schedule promised. I highly recommend Joe and Julie at Back Country Solar for all your solar needs – they really go the extra mile to make sure your system is just what you need.  Brian, Pagosa Springs, CO

 Back Country Solar is a privately owned and operated RV solar company. Joe and Julie are passionate about solar. The installation of our 640 watt Zamp system went smoothly. We live in a 37 ft motorhome with 4 slides. Joe was prepared, organized and very professional. I started to call him Professor Joe because he took the time to answer our many questions. We have a residential refrigerator and the system worked perfectly.  I would highly recommend Back Country Solar to any RVer. 5 stars!   Rockin' the Road with Mike & Kat