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This video explains what to look for before buying an RV with pre-installed solar, which could save you money and help you identify a potentially hazardous solar setup.  This was a newly purchased RV from a dealer. The customer brought it to us because the batteries were not getting charged by the solar system. 


NEW customized portable solar units available from Back Country Solar. Call for more Info.

Joe explains a full solar setup in a van conversion including solar panels, wiring, controller, power inverter and 30 amp RV service plug and lithium batteries.


Rusty's video of his experience in our retail store. You can see all his RV related videos on his youtube channel rusty78609.

Mike and Kat's drone flyover of their Zamp 640 Watt Kit Installed by Back Country Solar


Installing a Zamp US 640 Watt Deluxe Solar Kit

How to Install Zamp's Removable Mounting Feet

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Are Your Batteries Connected Correctly?

 Check your batteries to get the most power out of your solar system

How to Mount Zamp Solar RV Solar Panels - Pt 2


How to Mount Zamp Solar Panels Made in USA - Pt 1

Zamp Solar's 3 Port Solar Roof Cap and Roof Sidewall Port


CPAP Power System 


Portable Charging Options Part 1


Portable Charging Options Part 2