30 Amp Transfer Switch For Inverters - Power Inverters
30 Amp Transfer Switch For Inverters - Power Inverters

30 Amp Transfer Switch For Inverters

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The Samlex 30 Amp Transfer Switch for Inverters makes it simple to connect a power inverter into the 30 Amp service for RV or off grid systems. The shore or generator connects to one end as the other end connects back to the breaker box where the shore power was connected. This unit also has a 120 Volt outlet where the power converter can be connected, which will allow your batteries to charge when connected to shore power or your generator.  (If you have a power inverter with a battery charger you will need to disable your power converter.)

Application of Transfer Switch in Recreational Vehicles

RVs have both a 12 VDC house or domestic system and a 120 VAC system. The DC system commonly provides power for area lighting, stereo, water pumping and other loads requiring relatively small amounts of power. The 120 VAC system powers larger loads like microwave ovens, hot water heaters, washer/dryer, coffee machines, hair dryers, space heaters, heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) and convenience outlets that supply power to audio, video and entertainment systems. The domestic refrigerator is commonly supplied by both the 12 VDC and the 120 VAC system and sometimes alternatively by propane. Inverters are also used to provide AC power for dry camping where AC shore power is not available or in cases where gensets are not permitted due to noise restrictions. Typically, the inverter only supplies AC devices that are the highest priority such as microwave, entertainment and convenience outlets. It is not practical to run loads like hot water heaters and HVAC systems from inverters that are ultimately powered from batteries.

Design Features

  • Automatically switches between 2 separate AC input sources: Utility Power and a Generator; or Utility Power and Inverter; or Generator and Inverter
  • Has rated capacity of 30 Amps at 120 VAC and is suitablefor 30 Amp Utility Power Cord and Generator of up to 3.6 KVA capacity
  • Uses heavy duty Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) relay for switching both the Line and Neutral
  • Can be installed on the line side of the main breaker panel allowing switching of the entire load or on the load side to only switch dedicated circuits
  • DIP Switch select to enable time delay of 20 to 25 sec when transferring to a generator
  • Comes with a standard North American power cord for convenient connection to 15 Amp NEMA5-15R receptacles on a generator or an inverter with up to 1800 VA capacity (Replace this cord with 30 Amp cord if full 30 Amp capacity is required)
  • NEMA5-20R Duplex Receptacle for convenient connection of battery charger
  • Product Specifications
  • Product Manual (download)