Battery Cutoff Switch 250 Amp

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Most RVs already have a battery cutoff switch installed but even when this switch is in the Off position, the propane sniffer is still functioning and using approximately 4 Amps of power per day.  This is why batteries can go dead after three weeks of sitting idle.  This Battery Cutoff Switch 250 Amp installs on the positive cable from the batteries to your camper. This will allow a complete shut-off of the entire camper when it’s not in use.

We also advise using this switch with lithium batteries, adding one switch from the solar side to the batteries and a second switch from the batteries to the camper side (quantity of 2).  This will allow you to shut off your lithium batteries totally to keep them from charging and putting out power during non-use periods and especially in cold weather.

Click on photo to get more info about lithium batteries.

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