Complete 340 Watt RV Solar Kit with 2000 Watt Power Inverter Charger

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Everything In One Kit - Complete 340 Watt RV Solar Kit with 2000 Watt Power Inverter Charger with Cables and Fuse

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This complete kit includes a 340 Watt Zamp RV Solar Kit and a Magnum Energy MS2012 Power Inverter/Charger - big enough system for 4-6 batteries and medium-high power users. Two Zamp 170 Watt Class A USA Made Monocrystalline solar panels are the newest and most powerful to date and deliver 19 Amps per hour in optimal conditions with a 10' pre-installed lead on solar panel for connection to roof port with fuse.


This Complete RV Solar Kit comes with a 30 amp 5 Stage Deluxe Digital PWM Controller that includes a 15 ft. wiring harness from roof port cap to charge controller, a 10 ft. harness from charge controller to batteries, auto reset breaker and a battery temp. sensor for the charge controller. 

The Magnum Energy MS2012 Pure Sine Wave Direct Tie 2000 Watt Power Inverter/Charger includes built-in 30 amp auto-transfer switch with a 100 amp PFC charger and remote control panel. Also included: 2 each (one positive, one negative) 8 ft. 2/0 battery cable with a 300 amp slow burn tee-fuse with holder, two sets of mounting feet, a 3 port plug-and-play roof cap, and all wires and connectors needed to get you to your batteries.

The Magnum Energy MS2012 12V Inverter/100 Amp PFC Charger is a pure sine wave, direct tie inverter designed specifically for the most demanding mobile, back-up, and off-grid applications. It's powerful, easy-to-use, and best of all, cost effective.

Want the choice to add a extra 170 Watt solar panel to this 340 Watt Solar Kit with 2000 Watt Power Inverter/Charger at a later time? Not a problem, these RV solar kits can be mixed and matched with other Zamp solar panels. Add another of our USA made 170 Watt solar panels to get a whopping 510 watts of charging power!

USA Made 170 Watt Panel Features:

  • AR coated glass- This highly efficient anti-reflective coating allows for maximum light transparency and absorption. Also called “Smart Glass”, it repels water and dust from the surface.
  • Tempered safety glass. Similar to what is used in automotive windshields.
  • Type A Monocrystalline solar cells from Solar World (Hillsboro, OR).
  • 170 Watt rating on these modules is consistently testing higher at 175-180 Watts.
  • Channel frame rail system for mounting feet. This will allow movement of the mounting feet up and down all sides of the frame for a more ideal mounting placement of the panel.
  • Rigid frame construction. Our newly reinforced frame is extremely solid and durable. A vast improvement from the previous style panels on the market today.

This is a premium hand crafted product, US made in Bend Oregon exclusively for the RV market from absolutely the finest quality available. We consistently test out our panels at 10-12% over the rated wattage.

340 Watt Solar Kit with 2000 Watt Power Inverter Charger Specifications:

    • 2 – 170 Watt USA Made Zamp Solar Panels
      • Class A Monocrystalline – Highest Efficiency, Highest Quality
      • 58 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 1 3/8
      • 26.9 lbs
      • 9.4 amps per hour under optimal light
      • 10' pre-installed lead on solar panel for connection to roof port with fuse
    • 30 Amp Digital Deluxe Solar Controller
      • 5 Stage – Soft, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization and Float Charges
      • PWM
      • LED Read Out Light
      • LCD Read Out
    • Zamp Solar Pre-Wired 3 Port Roof Cap
      • UV Rated Roof Cap
      • Pre-wired Zamp Solar Ports (screwed and sealed)
    • Zamp Solar Mounting Feet for panel(s)
    • 10′ UV Rated Solar Panel Wire with inline fuse – Pre-wired with Zamp Solar Plug (Fits to Roof Cap)
    • 15′ UV Rated 8 awg wire, Solar Roof Cap to Solar Controller (Pre-Wired with Ring Terminals)
    • 10′ UV Rated  8 awg wire, Solar controller to battery (Pre-Wired with Ring Terminals and fuse)
    • Magnum Energy MS-2012 Pure Sine Wave Direct Tie Power Inverter/Charger – click here for more info.
    • Magnum Energy RC50 Digital LCD Display Remote Panel - More Info.
    • Tee-Fuse Holder with 300 Amp Fuse
    • 2 ea. 8′ 2/0 battery cable with red and black ends
    • Charge Controller Temp Sensor


    Note: If you need special wire lengths, please call us and we can customize to your needs.  Also, MPPT charge controllers are available to replace the PWM controller in this kit, call for more info.  970-245-8046