Fuse Block Plus 400 Amp T Fuse Slow Burn

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Inverter fuse blocks are extra heavy duty DC-rated fuses with ‘slow blow’ functionality. Protect yourself and your equipment!  Includes mounting block, fuse, and protective cover.  Inverter fuse blocks include an insulated polyester reinforced polycarbonate base.  This Inverter Fuse Block Plus 400 Amp T Fuse Slow Burn comes with 5/16″ studs or optional universal terminal lugs, a transparent protective cover, and 400 Amp slow burn fuse.

The Class-T fuses range from 110 to 400 Amps. One block size fits all fuses with the wiring range between #6 to 4/0. Inverter Fuse Blocks operate on all 12, 24, 32, or 48 Volt inverter battery systems.

The fuse block protects your cabling from overheating (and potentially catching fire) and protects your equipment.  This 300 Amp T fuse with mounting block connects with the positive cable from the battery hooking to one end and the inverter positive cable connecting to the other end.

Use this fuse with 2800 and 3000 Watt power inverters.   A fuse between the battery and power inverter is highly recommended for safety and protection of the equipment.  The correct cable size is also important.  Your power inverter’s User Manual should provide the recommended cable size.

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