Van Conversion Solar Kit 340 Watt
Van Conversion Solar Kit 340 Watts Zamp Solar Panels
Van Conversion Solar Kit 340 Watt Contents

Van Conversion Solar Kit 340 Watt

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Complete Van Solar Kit with 340 Watts of Zamp Solar USA Made Panels, Magnum Power Inverter, Victron MPPT Controller & Battle Born Lithium Batteries 

Are you a DIYer that has some intermediate level skills and wants to put solar on your camper van? This 340 Watt solar setup is meant for you. We include instructions with every van solar kit, wiring diagram and labels to mark your cables and wires when complete.

We've put together a complete solar system for camper vans, van conversions and overlanders using the best products on the market including Zamp Solar USA made panels and Magnum Energy Pure Sine Wave 2000 Watt Power Inverter/Charger. This complete camper van solar system comes with two Zamp 170 Watt USA made solar panels, a Magnum Pure Sine Wave 2000 Watt Inverter/Charger, Victron Smart Solar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller, two 100 Ah Battle Born Lithium Batteries and all the cabling and wiring needed to successfully install this kit.  

A Zamp Sidewall Port is included to be used with a Zamp Solar 140 Portable System Unregulated (additional purchase) for more power to charge your batteries if needed. The Zamp Portable would allow for more charging power when you're camped in shade or when using more power than the roof top system alone will replace in the batteries.

Van Conversin Solar Installation - Inside

Van Conversion Solar Kit 340 Watt Contents:


Van Conversion Solar Panel Installation