Zamp 115 Watt Expansion Panel Kit
115 Watt Panel Rear

Zamp 115 Watt Expansion Panel Kit

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KIT1008 Zamp RV Solar Panel 115 Watt Expansion Kit 

Zamp Solar's NEW 115 Watt Expansion Panel Kit has been boosted from the previous 100 Watts. It kicks out 6.4 amps per hour under optimal sun conditions. Each kit includes one USA Made solar panel, mounting feet, and is pre-wired with a 10 ft. lead. Works with all Zamp Solar Roof Mount Kits. Adding more solar power and is not only easier but also requires less materials and is less expensive.

Zamp Solar USA manufactured panels utilize top of the line Grade A monocrystalline solar cells providing high efficiency output through the day. These high end panels are finished with specialized AR coated glass which as anti-reflective properties for maximum light absorption.

Zamp Solar's Omni Mount Frame eliminates pre-drilled holes and provides a versatile, sturdy frame with the freedom to mount the feet anywhere on the frame. Stainless steel hardware is included.

If you are considering a solar kit for your RV but aren’t sure what size will fit, a smaller Zamp Solar Roof Mount Kit is a great choice. Adding more solar as needs grow is simple with this 115 Watt Solar Expansion Kit.

Zamp RV Solar Panel 115 Watt Specifications:

  • Zamp Solar Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel
    • USA Made Class A Monocrystalline – Highest Efficiency, Highest Quality
    • 39.6 x 26.5 x 1.5
    • 17.15 lbs
    • 6.4 amps per hour under optimal light
    • 115 watt power output
    • 25 year output warranty
  • Zamp Solar Mounting Feet for Solar Panel
  • 10 feet of UV Rated Solar Plug Ready Wire
Installing more solar doesn’t require new wires or a new solar charge controller with our Deluxe Kits.


Weight: 17.85 lbs.