Zamp 170 Watt B Stock RV Solar Panel
Zamp Solar B Stock 170 Watt Panel
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Zamp Solar Factory Second 170 Watt Solar Panel

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Zamp Solar Factory Second 170 Watt Solar Panel, Same Great Quality, Lower Cost

Zamp Solar’s Factory Second or B-Stock solar panels come with a 10-year power output warranty. Factory Second panels are tested several times in the manufacturing process and MUST produce at or above the rated power, 170-watts. The B-Stock, or factory second rating comes from the visual blemishes - crooked solar cells, scuffed up glass, scuffed up frame, chipped cell, small fractures or anything that doesn’t make it an A-stock. If it doesn’t produce the power they need, they don’t build it. 

Keep this in mind. Most RV owners only keep their RV for a little over 7 years. This panel will likely last 25-years or more. You can get a quality U.S. manufactured solar panel that will outlast your RV for way less than full price. 

This panel can be built into a full solar system or as an add-on (expansion) panel with a current solar system. If your RV is pre-wired with a Zamp Solar Roof Port Cap you simply need to get this panel, mounting feet and a charge controller. If this sounds too confusing give us a call and we can design the perfect system for you and save you tons of cash at the same time. Call or email us now!

Zamp Solar Factory Second 170 Watt Solar Panel Features:

  • AR coated glass- This highly efficient anti-reflective coating allows for maximum light transparency and absorption. Also called “Smart Glass”, it repels water and dust from the surface.
  • Tempered safety glass. Similar to what is used in automotive windshields.
  • Type A Monocrystalline solar cells from Solar World (Hillsboro, OR).
  • 170 Watt rating on these modules is consistently testing higher at 175-180 Watts.
  • Channel frame rail system for mounting feet. This will allow movement of the mounting feet up and down all sides of the frame for a more ideal mounting placement of the panel.
  • Rigid frame construction. Our newly reinforced frame is extremely solid and durable. A vast improvement from the previous style panels on the market today.

US made in Bend Oregon exclusively for the RV market from absolutely the finest quality available. Zamp Solar consistently tests their panels at 10-12% over the rated wattage.

If you are considering getting a solar kit but aren’t sure what size will fit, a smaller Zamp Deluxe RV Solar Kit is a great choice. Adding more solar as needs grow is simple with our RV Solar Expansion Kits.


  • USA Made 170 Watt Factory Second Zamp Solar Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel
    • Class A Monocrystalline – Highest Efficiency, Highest Quality
    • 58 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 1 3/8
    • 26.9 lbs
    • 9.4 amps per hour under optimal light
    • 10 year warranty
  • 10' UV rated SAE Fused Lead Wire
Installing more solar to our Zamp Deluxe RV Solar Kits doesn’t require any new wires or a new solar charge controller.