Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller
Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller angle
Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller Rear

Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller

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First of its Kind – Lithium Ready Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller!

  • Charge two separate battery banks at the same time.
  • Lithium Charging profiles for LiFePO4 and LTO and 4 Other Lead Acid Battery Types

The Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller is different  because it can charge and maintain two different battery banks at once!  With the dual settings you can set the controller to charge each battery bank at a different rate.  (Example: charge your house batteries with 70% of the solar and use the remaining 30% to keep the starter battery charged up).  By simply changing the display you can monitor the status of each battery bank.  30 Amps is large enough for RV Solar Kits up to 480 Watts of 12 Volt solar charging power. This Zamp 30 Amp Digital Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller has PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and 5 Stages of charging for best battery health and longevity.

Who would benefit from this Dual Battery Bank Solar Controller? For example, an RV that has separate chassis and coach batteries.

Great for C-Class RV’s, Motor Homes, Vans Buses and other RV’s that have more than one battery bank. This can also be used on off grid systems, cabins or general use. Our new controller can charge two separate battery banks independently and is programmable to change the charging current to each battery bank. This saves on the cost of two separate controllers or trying to tie two battery banks together over long distances.

Lithium Ready Dual Battery Charging 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller – 2 Lithium Charging Profiles

Lithium battery technology is advancing fast. Our Lithium Ready Dual Battery Bank Charging 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller has two lithium profiles (LiFePO4 & LTO). Our ZS-30AD comes complete with 6 battery profiles. Two of which are Lithium (LiFePO4 & LTO) and 4 of which are typical lead acid – the majority of RV battery technology (AGM, WET, GEL & Calcium).

Deep cycle batteries require charging at different voltages and amperage during the charge cycle. Lithium deep cycle batteries are very different, however, lithium batteries can take a strong charge for a longer period of time. Using the proper solar charge controller for your batteries is important.

ZS-30AD Features

  • Digital Display & Colored LED’s
    • Displays battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity, percentage preset, battery type, ambient temperature and fault codes.
    • Colored LED’s indicate the operational status and each battery condition. Solar power active, fault & charging or full for each battery.
    • Visually monitor the battery charging condition for each battery using the LCD Battery Bar showing quarter percentage full. 25%, 50%, 75% and Full.
  • Programmable Battery Type & Charging Rate
    • Set the battery type and charging specifics for 6 different deep cycle battery types.
    • Program the charge rate percentage  you want for battery one and the controller will automatically calculate the rest for battery 2.
    • Once battery 1 is charge the full power of the solar will be diverted to the second battery and then restart when battery one needs it again.
  • 5 Stage Charging for a Healthier Happier Battery(s)
    • The solar charge controller is the brain of the solar system. Without a brain your batteries are like Zombies and have nothing to help them stay healthy and alive.

5 States of Solar Charging

    • Level 1 – Soft Charge – When batteries suffer an over-discharge, the controller will softly ramp the battery voltage up to 10V.
    • Level 2 – Bulk Charge – Maximum current until batteries rise to Absorption Level
    • Level 3 – Absorption Charge – Constant voltage charging (battery is over 85%)
    • Level 4 – Equalization Charge – Only for WET battery or Calcium battery type. When the battery is deeply drained below 10V, it will automatically run this stage to bring the internal cells to equal states and fully complement the loss of capacity. (Gel and AGM batteries do not run Equalization Charge)
    • Level 5 – Float Charge – Battery is fully charged and maintained at a safe level.
  • Temperature Sensor for Battery
    • As an option, the unit provides a port to connect the external battery temperature sensor. If the batter temp. sensor is connected the unit will optimize the charging performance based off the battery temp detected and provide over-temperature protection. In some cases if battery over-temperature occurs the Digital Deluxe Solar Charge Controller will automatically stop charging.
  • Remote Switch (Optional)
    • Very handy to keep the charge controller close to the battery but monitor it from your control panel. 25′ cable with full programming functions. More info here.

The Zamp ZS-30AD, Lithium Ready Dual Battery Charging 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller can handle up to 500 watts of solar and delegate that solar power to charge two separate battery banks. Very handy for those motor homes or RV’s that have a starter battery and a house battery or for larger RV’s that have batteries too far apart to adequately connect them together.

Key Features

  • Fully independent dual battery charging control, reduces the extra cost of two separated solar charging systems. Ideal for Caravans, RVs, Boats and Cottages, etc.
  • Charging priority preset, can select the percentage of available charge current to each battery.
  • Provides a wide range of battery type settings for each battery: Gel, AGM, Conventional lead-acid (WET), Calcium, LiFePO4, LTO (Lithium Titanium Oxide) Battery Types selection.
  • Industrial grade MCU control, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) technology, high efficiency operation.
  • Ensure charge current is not wasted – if the first battery is fully charged, more charge current will be divided to the second battery, and return to the setting charging automatically when the first battery is in low voltage.
  • Built in regulator to prevent two battery banks from being overcharged. Overcharging occurs when the charge voltage is unregulated. This can result in premature battery failure.
  • Comes with regulator to prevent two battery banks from being under-charged. In the solar energy field, battery undercharge always occurs, especially on some Conventional lead–acid or Calcium batteries; The unit provides an automatic Equalization feature for deeply drained Conventional lead acid batteries or Calcium batteries, as well as provides a cycling automatic Equalizing feature every 28 days.
  • Protects two battery banks from discharge at night. Under low light or no light conditions the solar panel voltage could be less than the battery voltage. The unit contains a special circuit which prevents current flowing back from the each battery and into the solar panel.
  • Measures 6.25″ W x 4.75″ H x 1.5″ D

 View User Manual (PDF)