Zamp Charge Controller Battery Temp Sensor

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ZS-30A-TS – Zamp Solar Charge Controller Battery Temp Sensor

Temperature sensors for solar charge controllers help boost the efficiency of the charge delivered from the solar panels to the battery. The best charge voltage for the battery changes with battery temperature. A temperature sensor will inform the solar charge controller of the battery temperature and will then adjust the voltage to the battery for best battery charge. Controlling the voltage of the charge helps control the heat generated from charging, thus increasing battery health and longevity. Temp sensors are highly recommended for lead acid battery usage to achieve full charge.

Temperature sensors are great for batteries that see various high and low temperature regions during different seasons. Works with Zamp Solar 10AW, 15AW, 30A , and 60A Solar Charge Controllers. The 30A is a common digital deluxe solar charge controller found on most Zamp Solar permanent roof-mount systems.

20 ft length (this wire is not meant to be shortened in any way)

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