Zamp Power Inverter 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave

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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters are the only way to go with sensitive electronics.

Sensitive electronics are electronics that require a clean energy signal or Pure Sine Wave to operate or charge a battery. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, microwaves, HDTV, etc. do best with a pure sine wave signal. DC to AC Inverters convert battery energy (Direct Current) to usable energy for regular household devices (Alternating Current) by taking the 12 volts from the battery and converting it to 120 volts for regular equipment.

There are two options for installing this 300 Watt Power Inverter.  It can be tied directly to the batteries or plugged into a 12 volt power port.

Is this the right size power inverter for my use?

In order to get the correct sized inverter for your needs you will need know what wattage the devices will use at 120 volts. This commonly found on tags and stamps located on the device. This 300 Watt pure sine wave inverter will operate devices up to 300 Watts which is the perfect size for cell phones and lap tops and other small devices.

Technical Specs for Power Inverter 300 Watt - ZP-300PS:

  • 300 Watt Continuous Power and 600 Watts of Surge Protection
  • Pure Sine Wave Output - a cleaner electrical signal that sensitive electronics use.
  • 120 Volt AC Output Plug
  • USB Port, 5v and 1,000mA
  • Load Control Cooling Fan > 100w
  • Soft Start Low Interference Technology
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is less than 3%
  • 5 Kinds of Protection
    • Input Under-Voltage Alarm
    • Under Voltage Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • Overload Protection
    • Thermal Protection
  • Supplied with Terminal Battery Clamps and Terminal Rings

Dimensions – 187x95x55 mm

Download User Manual (PDF)