Zamp Sidewall Port 10AWG
ZS-RV-Roof/sidewall mounted

Zamp Sidewall Port

Zamp Solar
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Plug and Play – The waterproof Zamp Roof/Sidewall Port is perfect for both Zamp Portable Solar Kits and single panel roof installations (comes factory installed on many new RVs for a single panel roof installation or a sidewall Portable Solar Kit connection).

Set up of a Zamp Portable Solar Panel Kit is even more simple, quick and easy. No worries about fiddling with tight battery spaces or accidentally connecting the Portable Solar Charging System to the wrong battery terminals. Simple to install and convenient for solar charging. This plug and play can be mounted easily to the battery box or on the side wall of any camper to allow the fast and easy hook-up of our Zamp Portable Solar Kits. This connection point can also be used for a 12 Volt power source for small power inverters and other 12 Volt accessories. Wire is 10AWG.

The optional 15 ft. Portable RV Solar Kit Extension Wire plugs directly into this Quick Port for extra length to get to the sun.