Zamp Solar 680 Watt Roof Mount Kit with MPPT
Zamp 170 Watt Solar Panels

Zamp Solar 680 Watt Roof Mount Kit with MPPT

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NEW! Zamp Solar 680 Watt Roof Mount Kit with Victron MPPT Charge Controller

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This NEW powerhouse solar system includes a Victron Energy SmartSolar 60 amp MPPT Charge Controller with bluetooth for up to 30% greater output the most power output potential of larger solar systems.  Also inculded are four USA made 170 Watt Zamp Solar Class A, monocrystalline solar panels that will crank out 37.8 amps per hour under optimal sun conditions! Ideal for tiny houses, large RVs, or small cabins that run off a 12-volt batteries. Need a more energy? This kit can expand up to 1020 watts for larger off-grid or boondocking needs.

This 680 Watt RV Solar Kit is the perfect choice for large RVs and motor coaches with battery banks 400+ amp hours and 40'+ in length.  This kit can also be used for smaller off grid applications. This 680 Watt Solar Kit can charge and maintain up to 6-8 Group 27- 12 volt batteries with it’s Victron SmartSolar MPPT 60 Amp Controller. The 680 watt kit comes complete with four Zamp Solar 170 Watt USA made, highest quality solar panels, two Zamp 3 Port Roof Caps, mounting feet, Victron Energy 150/60-TR Solar Charge Controller and all wires and misc. hardware to make installation simple.

This is the ideal solar kit for those large toy haulers and motor coaches keeping you going for long extended trips with all the power you will need. This kit is large enough for use with power inverters for powering a residential refrigerator, microwave, and hair dryers. We also offer this kit complete with a Magnum Energy MS-2012 or MS-2812 Power Inverter. See our line of Complete Solar and Power Inverter Kits.

Once installed, this RV Solar Kit is maintenance free and will provide all the power you need! This kit also is great for off grid cabins with one of our Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters.

When new solar power users experience what a solar battery charging system can do, they start looking to add more POWER! Commonly solar RV kits are designed for the specific power output of the panel. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and require specific wire size and length as well as the appropriate solar charge controller. When solar systems need to be upgraded the system should be analyzed for any part replacements for the higher power output. A complete redesign might be needed. Commonly the wires and the solar charge controller are the first places to start. This kit wiring is sized so you can add up to two more 170 watt solar panels (see our Zamp Expansion Panel Kits).

USA Made 170 Watt Panel Features:

  • AR coated glass- This highly efficient anti-reflective coating allows for maximum light transparency and absorption. Also called “Smart Glass”, it repels water and dust from the surface.
  • Tempered safety glass. Similar to what is used in automotive windshields.
  • Type A Monocrystalline solar cells from Solar World (Hillsboro, OR).
  • 170 Watt rating on these modules is consistently testing higher at 175-180 Watts.
  • Channel frame rail system for mounting feet. This will allow movement of the mounting feet up and down all sides of the frame for a more ideal mounting placement of the panel.
  • Rigid frame construction. Our newly reinforced frame is extremely solid and durable. A vast improvement from the previous style panels on the market today.

This is a premium hand crafted product, US made in Bend Oregon exclusively for the RV market from absolutely the finest quality available. We consistently test out our panels at 10-12% over the rated wattage.

Zamp Solar 680 Watt Roof Mount Kit with MPPT Specifications:

  • 4 – 170 Watt U.S.A. Made Zamp Solar Panels
    • Class A Monocrystalline – Highest Efficiency, Highest Quality
    • 58 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 1 3/8 Per Panel
    • 24.25 lbs Per Panel
    • 37.8 amps per hour under optimal light
    • 10' pre-installed lead on solar panel for connection to roof port with fuse
  • 150/60-TR Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller
    • Up to 150V PV open circuit voltage
    • Up to 60A charging current
    • 10mA self consumption
    • Full rated output up to 40 degrees C
    • Protection grade, electronics IP43
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Auto ranging 12/24/48V (36V: manual)
    • Eight pre-programmed charge algorithms
    • Setup and configure, readout of voltage and current by Bluetooth Smart
  • 2 ea. Zamp Solar Pre-Wired 3 Port Roof Cap
    • UV Rated Roof Cap
    • Pre-wired Zamp Solar Ports (screwed and sealed)
  • Zamp Solar Omni Mounting Feet for panel(s)
  • 10 ft. UV rated solar panel wire – pre-installed on Zamp Solar Panel (fits to Roof Cap)
  • 2 ea. 15' UV rated 8 ga. wire from Zamp Solar Roof Caps to positive and negative junction blocks with connectors.
  • 12" 4 ga. wire with connectors for connection from junction blocks to 80 amp manual reset breaker to solar charge controller and from charge controller to 80 amp manual reset breaker to batteries 
  • 2 ea. 80 Amp Manual Reset Breakers
  • 2 ea. 15' Extension Wires for Solar Panels