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Hey! I’m Jeff

Welcom to
Back Country Solar

I have a deep love of solar, working with my hands, playing outside, adventure, exploration, and business.

Currently, my goal with Back Country Solar is to build an info-based site that helps people understand and utilize off-grid solar applications. This will also help me stay up-to-date on many solar products that I find interesting.

For about 7-years I worked with a company that designed and sold systems for RVs and small off-grid applications. In that time I learned a ton about solar. How it works, the components, configurations, just a load of information. Most of it I simply taught myself.

So I hope this is a good spot to share that info.

joe julie and jeff from backcountrysolar.com

But Back Country Didn’t Start With Me

Back Country Solar was originally started by these two – Joe, and Julie.

Joe and Julie started Back Country Solar as an eCommerce store for RV Solar where they sold solar panels, solar kits and systems, batteries, inverters, you name it. Anything that had to do with helping you stay off-grid longer so you can get to cool places – they could help with.

I met these two when I worked at the RV solar company. But I also used to moonlight as a digital marketer (now my full-time job again). I would take care of all their technical needs, write some content, and run their ads.

So Back Country Solar and I, along with Joe and Julie have a great history together.

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