Solar on Van Conversion
Solar Power Charging for all types of 12 Volt systems is what we do
Capture the Power of the Sun!
Wherever your adventure leads, Solar Power is there
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What Our Customers Are Saying.....

"I could have purchased these panels locally or on Amazon for that matter. I didn’t for these reasons:
1) Zamp in Bend promoted you as knowledgeable and customer service driven. As this is a DIY project, I wanted to be able to easily get the support I might need.
2) Your website is really nice. Comprehensive and easy to maneuver. 
3) The clincher for me, “Have questions? Call me at ———“
You just don’t see that much anymore. When I did call, you spent the time to answer my questions fully and give me added advice. You gave me a good deal on these panels and I know if I run into a problem, you are a phone call away.
I wish you great success and should the opportunity arise will definitely recommend Back Country Solar. " Tom R.

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Whether you're camping in the Desert Southwest where there's plenty of sunshine or in the mountains among the trees, we have a solar system that's right for you.