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Joe installed this van solar kit in our 2017 Ram Promaster van in the Fall 2018. We have used it through a winter (low sunlight) and spring (lots of sunlight) seasons now and are extremely satisfied with every aspect of the system performance! Joe (and Julie!) is great to work with and is an clearly expert in all aspects of the equipment. His installation looks great, is space efficient and the power center is easily accessible for making adjustments and checking in on all the components. We are amazed at how efficient and reliable the system is and how quickly the batteries recharge, even in low winter light conditions. Our normal power usage is all 12V including lights, fridge, heater fan, water pump and chargers, but also 2 or 3 times each day we use 110V power for a water boiler and induction cook top with no problems at all. Joe sold us on the benefits of the Li batteries and are we so thankful he did! Prior to the solar kit installation, we placed a wire beneath the van floor to connect the batteries to the alternator for an additional mode of recharge, but now we see no need to connect it because the solar panels are so efficient for recharge. When we have the opportunity, we plug in to use shore power which also works great. Overall, we have found Joe's solar kit to be an excellent product and would highly recommend it as part of a van conversion."

Jeff & Peggy, Moab, UT

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Back Country Solar has been partnering with Zamp Solar since both companies were new and growing in the RV Solar industry. We believe that Zamp Solar products are the best on the market, which is why we sell them exclusively. 

Whether you're camping in the Desert Southwest where there's plenty of sunshine or in the mountains among the trees, we have a solar system that's right for you.